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Liquify and Chill

Only the most relaxing, chilled and layed back music from the aptly named 'bass' genre, showing the more jazzy and liquid side. The one that should be famous, but never will be.

Permalink My free EP is now available!Open the README! to view your permissions.Click the Picture to download.
Permalink Liquify.This is muthaf*ckin’ liquid bitch.I cant explain this song. Partly because there’s nothing to explain.
Permalink Tell me that you’ll open your eyes.Omchrist, enough said.
Permalink This is a place where I go..This is the definition of liquid.It has no jazziness though, which amazes me because every single one of the notes is on the beat. The saw synth sounds lushious in this song.
Permalink The spinning.I must have played this song for 2 hours straight when I first heard it, omchrist.The drums are light enough to match the spacey synth and the melody is just gorgeous.Show your appreciation to grafix, play it again, and again, and again..
Permalink hoo-ooooh uhu-yuuuuh eee-eh-eh-auuuurwh ehhhhhh.Love the dreaminess to this song, the phase works really well and the drums suit the track soo much.Reverb FTW.
Permalink That’ where it all happens.Numbernin6’s new style is phenomonal, the liquicity and spaceyness is spot on.I love the 1/6s in this song, it just makes it seem jazzier (for lack of a better word).Epic tunee.
Permalink If I see a light flashing, doe this mean that I’m going home..?Only heard this song recently, but instantly fell in love with it.I knew this song would suit DnB, feature cast murdered it, murdered in the nicest way possible.
Permalink One of these days, it won’t be long.I love this song, remember watching it when it only had 4000 views.The melodies intertwine perfectly and compliment each other amazingly.Tune.
Permalink Catch you..I decided to make a remix of this song because I loved this motif soo much :)It’s not finished yet, but I wish to finish it soon..
Permalink We don’t wanna go outside.Even if you hate dubstep, I forbid you to hate this, this song is just soo layed back it makes me feel like a puddle of awesome.KOAN deserve to be seen by people who appreciate good music, big up.
Permalink Truly Breathtaking.I can’t beleive I found this song, immenseness is immanent.